Meet Visual Artist Aryea Flohr

Aryea Flohr is a professional artist based in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the New York University. His work has appeared in publications like Patch, and he has been a featured artist at various art fairs and exhibitions.

Aryea works with a multitude of mediums to bring us his vision of the world around him in unique ways. Working in New York, Aryea dropped the notion that nature was perfect and started to study the form and color of his surroundings. He was painting the industrial scape of NYC for many years, but landscaping has very much settled into his bones and after so many labored abstract works, he thinks he has finally found his direction in oil painting.

Aryea loves to paint his interpretation of the New York landscape, flora and fauna. He also loves to paint the thousand and one other images that dance through his head.

Aryea Flohr’s work, characterize vision and emotion, through a wealth of colour, vibrancy and texture. Subjects, are studied and primarily depicted through collage and oil paints, or sometimes via mono-printing or pastels.


Being an Artist

Aryea Flohr loves the creative process. He likes to be surrounded by the process of creating something, and that’s what drives him. Inspiration can be found in a piece of architecture or ruin – something that sparks the imagination. He is inspired by old buildings that are historic and evoking feelings of what has gone before – they often elicit overwhelming emotions which feed Aryea’s artistic side. An object that is falling down or decaying can have an unusual beauty reflecting the joy of what has passed or the anticipation of resurrection.


The Creative Process

Quite often, Aryea Flohr starts with a vague idea of what form he wants his work to take. Then, he spends time looking at works by other artists, experiencing their styles and realizing what inspires him to come up with his own work. Aryea uses these inspirations as jumping off points and focus on the unique features of each piece of work.

Once he has a sense of what his work will look like, he will create a mood board that is usually about 10 images that represent different areas in the project–things like color palette, typefaces, and references from other artists. From there, he’ll begin to develop the idea further with sketches or drawings. When this process feels complete and the artwork starts to feel cohesive, then it’s time for him to bring others on board.

Aryea Flohr always tries to keep an open mind when working on projects so that ideas are not stagnating around him without feedback or collaboration from others. If something feels off or doesn’t make sense anymore, then he is able to change course and move forward in a new way.


Aryea Flohr Combination of Creativity and Collaboration

Collaborating and being open to feedback are things that are integral to what Aryea Flohr does, and it’s something that he tries to bring to every project. Sometimes when you’re in the studio, you have certain thoughts and ideas and you want to pursue them as they come up. But then, other times, you just feel like it would be easier or more productive if you had someone else working on your idea with you. And so collaboration is a very important part of his process because that’s how he gets the best results.